Fitness Equipments, Gymnasium Equipments, Health Club Equipments


Fitness Equipments, Gymnasium Equipments, Health Club Equipments
Cardio-Vascular Equipment

Playing a lead role in
global fitness industry

To create a brand which
becomes a driving force in the
global fitness industry.

 Recumbent Bike


GF 870

Auto Scan advanced computer with blue backlit LCD
15 programs, including 1 manual, 2 HRC, 1 Body fat,
   2 user set
Display Pulse, Recovery, Time, RPM/ Speed
Distance, K joule or Calories, Watt/Target Heart Rate,
Heart Rate, Fat %age, BMI, BMR, Body type
Innovative adjustment end cap, easy to go with not
flat floor
Aluminium upright & seat rails
PU seat & back rest
Easy to adjust seat position
Hand grip pulse sensors
Hidden crank (3 pcs) safer & neat
Transport wheels
Maximum User Weight : 140 Kgs

GF 5040

Touch Sense Technology is the innovative user
interface. Blue back lighted sensor buttons clearly
indicate user to easily start workout. Click free buttons provide the best touch feeling.
Built in Heart Rate Bar System could easily and
precisely help to monitor the heart rate with both
hand pulse and polar telemetry to achieve the  individualized heart rate target for best workout result
20 resistance levels
WATT- based heart rate program accurately
    achieve the target heart rate
Built-in test program offers the best reference for
   personal physical condition test and training
Large LED dot matrix and scrolling text help
    exerciser to monitor workout
Full sets of programme for different training
    requirements, including 13 workouts
C- safe compatibility

High speed circulation fan

 Ergonomic handle bar design for more
    comfortable exercise
 Integrated Tray for iPod High speed circulation
 Ergonomic handle bar design for more
    comfortable exercise
Integrated Tray for iPod

 GF 5040

Cordless efficient self-powered system that offer
    continuous and smooth power since lower speed. The
    recumbent bike could be placed anywhere.
Patented sliding seat system provides the maximum
    convenience and stability. The ergonomic seat can be
    firmly fixed in any position for best workout position
28 levels with pedal adjustment for any size of foot to
    protect ankles during exercise
Self-tension adjusted driving belt system
Step through design provides convenience for both
    male and female to sit on the bike.
Height adjustable foot for stabilizing recumbent bike
    on any ground surface.
Aluminium sliding rack
Aluminium forged pedal crank
Maximum User Weight : 235 Kgs

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