Fitness Equipments, Gymnasium Equipments, Health Club Equipments


Fitness Equipments, Gymnasium Equipments, Health Club Equipments
Cardio-Vascular Equipment

Playing a lead role in
global fitness industry

To create a brand which
becomes a driving force in the
global fitness industry.

  Strength Training Equipments

Global Elite Platinum Series
GF K-01 Abdominal Machine
GFK-02 Smith Machine
GFK-10 Seated Chest Press
GF K-20 Butterfly
GF K-21 High Pulley
GF K- 30 Shoulder Press
GF K-31 Squat Leg Curl
GFK - 40 Seated Row
GFK- 41 Leg Extension
GFK- 42 Decline Bench (Luxury)
GFK- 50 Cable Crossover
GFK- 60 Biceps Curl Machine
GFK- 62 Roman Chair
GFK- 63 Flat Bench

Global Elite Gold Series
GFBS-0288 Smith Machine
GFBS-0488 Scott Bench
GFBS-1388 A T Arm Machine
GFBS-2088 Butterfly
GFBS-2188 High Pulley
GFBS-2288 Leg Press
GFBS-2388 Abdominal Machine
GFBS-3088 Shouler Press
GFBS-3188 Squat Leg Curl
GFBS-3288 Weight Bench
GFBS-3388 Draw Muscle Machine
GFBS-4088 Seated Row
GFBS-4188 Leg Extension
GFBS-4288 Decline Bench
GFBS-5088 Cable Cross Over
GFBS-5288 Incline Bench Luxury
GFBS-6088 Biceps Curl Machine

GFBS-6288 Roman Chair
GFBS-8288A Adjustable Web Board
GFBS-9288A Seated Calf Machine
GFFM-5388 Seated Preacher Curl
GFSM-007 Smith Machine

Global Elite Silver Series
GFCT-0102D Low Pectorial  Fly
GFCT-0202 Lat Pull Down
GFCT-0302 Trice Dip
GFCT-1102 Seated Bicep Curl
GFCT-1202 Prone Leg Curl
GFCT-1502 Multipurpose Bench
GFCT-2702 Hyper Extension 45 Deg
GFCT-3102 Seated Shoulder Press
GFCT-3202 Seated Chest Press
GFCT-3402 Olympic Incline Bench
GFCT-4102 Lateral  Raise
GFCT-4402 Olympic Decline Bench
GFCT-5102 Cable Cross Over
GFCT-5202 Low Row
5302 Shoulder Bench Press 25 Degrees
GFCT-7202 Inner Thigh

GFCT-9102 Leg Press
GFCT- 9402 Twist

GFCT-1102 Seated Bicep Curl
GFCT-1202 Prone Leg Curl
GFCT-1502 Multi Purpose Benc

Global Elite standard Series
GF010-Lat pully
GF011-Leg extention + curl
GF012-Cable crossover
GF013-Multy fuctional trainer totally
GF014-Bench + shoulder press
GF015-Peck deck
GF016-Leg extension
GF017-Leg Curl
GF018-Assisted Chin Up Double Bar
GF019-Chest Press
GF020-Peck Deck
GF021-Ab Crunch Machine

GFFM-6088 Four Station Gym
GFFM-2088 Four Station Gym
GFFM-3088 Four Station Gym

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